Saturday, May 18, 2024

Yasmin Sooka slips (again!)

By The Pepper Spray Club 

Yasmin Sooka, who was part of the panel tasked by former UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon to advise him on Sri Lanka has rendered an apology.

Now that’s a big come-down for someone who has shown absolute arrogance as well as a scant respect for truth. Well, she’s been stung by justice. She has said sorry to Brigadier Ravindra Dias of the Sri Lanka Army for wrongfully using his picture to portray the same as that of Major General Suresh Salley, incumbent Director of Sri Lanka State Intelligence Service.

Major General Salley, too issued a letter of demand earlier in June, 2020 to Ms. Yasmin Sooka and International Truth and Justice Project Sri Lanka (ITJPSL) for causing defamatory damages to his character. That matter is heading for the courts, reportedly.

The Darusman Committee which Sooka was a part of, told a tall tale to ki-Moon. Not surprisingly speculation was treated as fact by those whose outcome preferences in Sri Lanka’s long drawn conflict hadn’t materialized. Insinuation quickly morphed into truth, patently unreliable sources were treated as witnesses without blemish, numbers were cooked, simmered, garnished and laid out to feed the hunger of political fellow-travelers. There were lies. All agreed upon. And the agreeing cheered.

This of course is an identification error. It could be dismissed as a one-off thing. Except that it is symptomatic of a larger malady. This is not the first time she and the outfit that puts food on her table have erred.

The problem is with ‘source.’ When one trusts the untrustworthy, one purchases falsehoods. Ego kicks in. One lie has to be covered and it takes more than one lie to do so. And so it goes. Lies upon lies upon lies. And what truth there could be gets lost in the pile.

Sooka and the ITJPSL weren’t exactly buried. They could, though. Best to crawl out asap.


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