Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Wisdom-bites from eesrilanka readers

• ‘I read ee with interest. I was shocked to realize I had not noticed: How the Black-whites in Sri Lanka get triggered by seeing a sign in Chinese, when the country is drowning in English.’

• ‘I keep getting the feeling that SL is on track to be destabilized. I fear blood spilling and sacrifices are being requested by the gods of the ruling classes. Shall I dig a secret bunker? Reserve a flight ticket? Pretend everything is fine? Sue ee for causing anxiety and unrest? Join the other side? What next?’

• ‘The dictionary defines ‘engineer’ as ‘a person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or structures’. Our engineers are either not allowed to fulfil the first verbs of this definition, or are too lily-white to dirty their hands in such machine-building activity.’

• ‘Kantale Sugar & Vallachennai Paper, let alone Oruwala Steel, Thulhiriya Textile (now a MAS domain), etc., should be declared national crime scenes. Nation-building institutions, from which conscious workers were chased out, and gangsters rushed in to prevent any success.

There are 2 ways to kill a sapling: deprive it of water, or flood it. National corporations were rendered ineffective by purposely underfunding and overstaffing.’ (see Random Notes)

• Our ‘woke’ social media clicktivists have no idea that when a nation’s industries (the real creativity, the highway to real independence & modernity) are destroyed, all manner of traumas ensue. They and their education and civil society are funded by the same folk (World Bank, IMF) who committed these crimes. This is further grim humor. Ha! Ha!

• ‘Postcolonial’ academics & NATO-funded ‘civil society’ are blithely ignoring the wars in our neighborhood that continue the colonial capture of the ‘country trade’ – preventing cooperation between regional economies. They keep playing India versus Sri Lanka, Myanmar, China, etc.’ (see ee Quotes, Bangladesh)

• ‘Global credit is getting really tight with inflation, the China property-sector crash, and Omicron (delaying recovery). Also, most QE goes to casino-like stock exchanges not to real economy because the real economy ROR (rate of return) is low compared to stock exchange ROR. Because the real economy carries so many friction factors (market volatility, etc.).’

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