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Unveiling JVP

JVP was formed on 14 May 1965 by Rohana Wijeweera. Not many in the JVP had even met him or knew what he looked like. The entity has been used for 2 main objectives – disillusion Sri Lanka’s youth (future of Sri Lanka) and cause chaos in the political arena as local agent for external forces. No leader voted can carry out any vision as no sooner these initiatives conflicts with agendas of external forces, the JVP & its branches are set free to cause political or public mayhem.

Mrs Sirimavo Bandaranaike Govt was taken by a surprise insurrection in April 1971 leading to question the involvement of foreign hands. N M Perera suggested Wijeweera was recruited by the CIA while studying in Moscow – this was confirmed by a former JVPer Dharmasekera heading the “Mathru Bhumi Arakshaka Sangamaya”. The claim was further strengthened by Gavin karunaratne, GA Matara who saw a large foreign ship near Dondra coast (under JVP control) & lower boats with items being put inside.


Masquerading under a “Marxist” “communist” inside universities was an excellent modus operandi to capture idealistic youth entering a new phase in adulthood.

Initial brainwashing of youth meant distancing them from Sinhala culture / Buddhist values / ragging helped to instill fear initially & then remove sense of fear/guilt/shame all ingredients for their next modus operandi.

Harnessing sense of hate / anger / revenge in the system JVP pretended to despise became the next aspect of brainwashing. This helped bring students to the streets, oppose anything & everything JVP leaders opposed and even turn violent wherever and whenever required.

The majority of the university entrants came from very poor rural homes where parents were barely making ends meet but proudly sent their children to gain university education. Many of these youth fell victim & met their waterloo during the insurgencies of 1970s, 1980s & 1990s. This death toll and loss to both family & nation is alarming, no different to the youth lost to Tamil families as a result of LTTE & other Tamil militant groups. The hands that manipulated both entities were the same, their objectives were the same and it was to deny a sound education & to raise cultured youth qualified to lead Sri Lanka and instill fear to send majority of other youth overseas, leaving a weak and vulnerable Sri Lanka.

It is unfortunate that JVP supporters have yet to question why their leaders think it fit to send their children for overseas education while JVP opposes government to link up with international education bodies. How many good educational initiatives have JVP stopped alongside other jealous “academics” who do not wish to see other children prosper as well.

JVP supporters should also question international property owned by its leaders as well as property in Sri Lanka.


The inclusion of JVP Buddhist clergy and other clergy is also aimed at using the religious robe either to embarrass it wherever and whenever required or to use it as a leverage wherever and whenever required. The outcome has been an embarrassment.

With JVP being namesake Buddhists the youth members are equally namesake Buddhists as are the JVP Buddhist theros or youth wearing the robe and not behaving as a thero is required to after being ordained. JVP-backed National Bhikku Front wanted the complete removal of SAITM private medical college.

The JVP continues to reign and ruin university student life and lives alongside other rebel movements like Peratugami etc.

Majority of protests across Sri Lanka are organized by those that fund both these elements.


When JVP has handled the ground campaigns of virtually every President & alliance that has come to power should make any to wonder JVP’s real role in politics.

Given the JVPs excellent campaigning skills – one would have expected JVP to carry a campaign to its own advantage instead of campaigning for others. The secret lies in JVP’s funding & requires to question where it finds its campaign funding & who the sources are. This should explain why as per Election Commission, JVP is the richest political party in Sri Lanka, far ahead of even the UNP. JVP-backed Inter-University Students Union is at the forefront of the “aragalaya”.

This naturally explains that the funds are simply for JVP to use to campaign to bring others to power and not itself. Presumably JVP is required to simply scrape through & enter Parliament even with a handful of seats because its scope of work is maneuvered on the ground and not necessarily inside Parliament. Inside Parliament, JVP is required to simply remain relevant & expose other politicians/parties as a watchdog. This act serves a dual purpose, as it maintains people’s confidence in the JVP while it enables JVP to deliver shell shocks from time to time with their statistical expose. Where these come from can probably be sourced back to those that fund them! Photo shoots will give a clue.


The formation of a new entity under JVP which contested the 2020 General Election reveals the new face of JVP and brings out its real objective. Key words that this new entity aspires is “liberal” “secular” governance. This explains how one of the 3 seats has gone to one who represents such agenda. The real-side of the JVP is slowly emerging.

Anyone holding candles for JVP/Peratugami or their branches, need to analyze what JVP claims to uphold and what JVP has actually been doing. We thought they had given up their violent past, however it has returned to haunt us. They may be just 3% of the votebase, but the damage they do within the university system & to the youth, the manner they are used to advance the historical objective of removing the Buddhist ethos of Sri Lanka & the manner they are used as political prostitutes for political parties external forces deem should return to power, should reveal the true side of the party and its dark objectives.

The JVP helped Chandrika come to power. The JVP helped Mahinda come to power. The JVP campaigned for Fonseka. The JVP campaigned to bring Ranil-Sirisena to power. The JVP campaigned for Sajith. The JVP-led unions destroy university education. The JVP-led Bhikku entities embarrasses Buddhism & Buddhists. The JVP-led thugs are returning to cause street mayhem. These can’t be JVP polit bureau decisions!

What is JVP tasked to do in 2022?

Who is JVP tasked to campaign for in 2022?

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