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UNHRC & UK – LTTE’s best friends

LTTE’s international headquarters are nowhere else but in London. LTTE masqueraded under ‘British Tamil Association” with accounts in Natwest Bank. UK allows LTTE to hold 2 annual events in London – 1st event is in July & held in Hyde Park and the 2nd event is in November to celebrate Prabakaran’s birthday. Not bad for a country that has banned LTTE since 2000. UK even allowed a 20ft cut out of Prabakaran in Hyde Park organized by the Tamil Youth Organization. 5000 Tamils attended Prabakaran’s birthday at Wembly Arena spending an entrance fee of £35 per head. LTTE’s theoretician was a UK citizen Anton B and his wife the child soldier trainer continues to live in UK. Naturally UK has more LTTE in UK than there are LTTE in Sri Lanka! British politicians are hungry for votes & campaign funding. LTTE fronts step in. UNHRC is payback for all the support LTTE extends to UK MPs.

BTF launched in UK in 2006

  • BTF provided secretarial services to All Party Parliamentary Group (set up in 2007)
  • Tamils for Labor lobbies British Labour Party
  • British Tamils for Liberal Democracy lobbies Liberal Democratic Party led by Nick Clegg
  • British Tamil Conservatives lobbies the British Conservative Party

These British Parliamentarians in turn pressure the Govt in power to issue statements against Sri Lanka as well as influence Public Institutes (British Commonwealth office/Foreign Ministry etc)

25 July 2006 LTTE rally at Hyde Park with a 20ft cut of Prabakaran organized by Tamil Youth organization.

–       Gareth Thomas MP for Harrow West– in September 19, 2012 makes an emergency “Point of Order” speech in the House of Commons raising concerns about the Human Rights Watch report about Tamil asylum seekers deported from UK and being tortured in Sri Lanka.

All Party Parliamentary Group (set up in May 2007)

  • Chairman Keith Vaz MP (investigated for corruption)
  • Vice Chairman Simon Hughes MP – Liberal Democrat Southwark & Burmondsey whose trusted constituent was leading LTTE activist Elizabeth Packiyadevi Mann who became Mayor at London Borough of Soutwark Council in May 2008- she was also head of Tamil Eelam Economic Development Organization (TEEDOR – UK) – She visited Vannin after 2002 CFA. She fell out with the LTTE circles with Diedre McConnel & husband Kiruba kicking her out unceremoniously. https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/a-long-history-of-tamil-persecution/

In 2010 – Oct 27 Chair Lee Scott MP Illford  

–       Siobhain McDonough MP Mitcham & Morden (Vice Chair)

–       Siobhain McDonagh MP calls for the UK to take action against Sri Lanka. Hansard transcript http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201011/cmhansrd/cm101027/debtext/101027-0001.htm#10102752000011

–       Robert Halfon MP (Treasurer and Secretary)

In 2011 Lee Scott was elected Chair

  • Vice Chairs – Virendra Sharma (Labour MP for Ealing Southall), Siobhain McDonagh, Simon Hughes
  • Treasurer – Gavin Barwell

In 2012 Lee Scott was elected Chair

  • Vice Chairs – Virendra Sharma (Labour MP for Ealing Southall), Siobhain McDonagh,
  • Treasurer & Secretary – Robert Halfon
  • APPGT address and contact details for enquiries and correspondence:-. “Mr Lee Scott MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. Tel: 020 7219 8326.

16 July 2008 Photo exhibition in UK Parliament organized by BTF & attended by

–       Joan Ryan MP, V

–       irendra Sharma MP,

–       Keith Vaz MP,

–       Andy Love MP and

–       Lord Waddington QC of the Conservative Party.

–       Neil Gerrard MP as “making a clear case for self-determination”

–       Barry Gardiner MP

“Liberal Democratic Party Edward Jonathan MP for Kingston and Surbiton – “Ed” Davey fund raiser in Richmond, donors was mostly LTTE activists.

  • he attended Tiger events – we call him a White Tiger!
  • After LTTE fire bombed the Kingsbury temple in 2009, Davey was taken aback when a place of worship was attacked.

British Tamil Conservatives fundraising dinner at The Barn Hotel, Harrow on 13 Jan 2010

–       addressed by Keith Simpson shadow minister of foreign affairs


–       Dr. Rachel Joyce, PPC for Harrow West

–       Nick Hurd, MP (Shadow Minster of Charities, Social Enterprise and Volunteering),

–       Mr David Ashton, Councillor and Leader of the Council

–       Jean Lammiman, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Community,

–       Richard Almond, Volunteer Coordinator for Harrow West and

–       Golsie Simms, Council Candidate for Roxeth.

–       Ansela Peterpillai, Council Candidate for Roxeth

GTF launched o 24 February 2010 at UK House of Commons

–       In presence of British Foreign Secretary David Miliband who also made a desperate attempt to stop military operation against LTTE in 2009

–       William Hague Conservative ‘shadow’ foreign secretary attended 24Feb2010 launch

–       Ed Davery addressed GTF conference

–       David Cameron Conservative Party leader sent greetings (so did US Secretary of State for South & Central Asia & former US envoy to Sri Lanka Robert Blake)

–       (US) Reverend Jesse Jackson gave a speech

After release of Ban Ki Moon Report in 2011 – 41 MPs write to PM David Cameron

–       Lee Scott (Chair) APPGT

–       Virendra Sharma (Vice Chair) APPGT

–       Siobhain McDonagh (Vice Chair) APPGT

–       Simon Hughes (Vice Chair) APPGT

–       Heidi Alexander

–       Ian Austin

–       Hazel Blears

–       Peter Bottomley

–       Russell Brown

–       David Cairns

–       Martin Caton

–       Katy Clark

–       Jeremy Corbyn

–       Stella Creasy

–       Jon Cruddas

–       Jim Cunningham

–       John Cryer

–       Jim Dowd

–       Clive Efford

–       Mike Gapes

–       Barry Gardiner

–       Mary Glindon

–       Robert Halfon

–       Tom Harris

–       Margaret Hodge

–       Sharon Hodgson

–       George Howarth

–       David Lammy

–       Andy Love

–       John Mann

–       Stephen McCabe

–       John McDonnell

–       Teresa Pearce

–       Steve Pound

–       Nick Raynsford

–       Chris Ruane

–       Joan Ruddock

–       Stephen Timms

–       Emily Thornberry

–       Gareth Thomas

–       Keith Vaz.

28 September 2011 – Tamils for Labor event  

–       Rt. Hon. Douglas Alexander MP (British Shadow Foreign Secretary) calls for an international commission on inquiry into war crimes against Sri Lanka

BTF members attending World Tamil Conference in 2012

–       Alfred Robert – senior member of BTF mobilization team handed over a memorandum to the UK Foreign Secretary Rt.Hon William Hague highlighting situation in Sri Lanka

10 November 2012 – Permission given for World Tamil Conference at British House of Parliament.

Labour MPs attending

–       Jeremy Corbyn spoke urging international community to recognize Tamil’s aspirations and their right to self-determination in Sri Lanka.

–       Siobhain McDonagh,

–       Mike Gapes,

–       Barry Gardiner,

–       Seema Malhotra,

–       Stella Creasy,

–       Kate Green

–       Garath Thomas urged to set up international independent inquiries.

MP Robert Halfon (Treasurer and Secretary APPG-T) condemned the international community for not recognizing the genocide of Tamils

Conservative MPs attending

–       Steve Baker,

–       Steve Brine,

–       Bob Blackman,

–       Alok Sharma,

–       Stephen Hammond,

–       Mike Freer,

–       Nick de Bois,

–       Iain Stewart,

–       Lord Popat of Harrow.

Liberal Democrats attending

–       MP Tom Brake also attended.

–       MP Simon Hughes- VC of APPGT accused the GoSL of committing serious war crimes

17 January 2013 – Ilford Recorder Newspaper /London

–       Lee Scott MP Chairman of APPGT calls for, justice for Tamil people

28 February 2000 – UK bans LTTE under UK Terrorism Act

The following MPs raised objections:

  • Andrew Dismore (Lab),
  • Andrew Love (Labour),
  • Andrew Pelling (Independent),
  • Bill Rammell (Lab)
  • Jenny Tong,
  • Jeremy Corbyn,
  • John MacDonald,
  • Keith Vaz (Lab)
  • Lee Scott (Conservative),
  • Linda Perham,
  • Paul Burstow (Lib Dem),
  • Robert Evans
  • Simon Hughes (Lib Dem),
  • Susan Kramer (Lib Dem),

Other pro-LTTE UK MPs also include

  • Andrew Rosindell,
  • Angela Watkinson,
  • Angus Robertson,
  • Barry Gardiner,
  • Bob Neill,
  • David Burrowes,
  • David Miliband,
  • Dianne Abbot,
  • Duncan Smith,
  • Edward Davey,
  • Gareth Thomas,
  • Gavin Barwell,
  • James Brokenshire,
  • John Mann,
  • Jon Trickett,
  • Joseph Johnson,
  • Mark Hendrik,
  • Nick Hurd,
  • Peter Bottomley,
  • Philip Davies,
  • Richard Ottoway,
  • Robert Halfon,
  • Sadiq Khan,
  • Sarah Teather,
  • Siobhain McDonagh,
  • Stella Creasy
  • Stephen Hammond,
  • Stephen Pound,
  • Stephen Timms,
  • Theresa Villiers,
  • Tom Brake,
  • Zac Goldsmith,

To tap the source of funding for terror, follow the money trail – White Pigeon and TRO operate inspite of investigations against it.

In August 2005 the UK Charity Commission did delist the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (British charity number 1010029) from its list of charities since the TRO had links with the LTTE. The TRO response was to register itself under the International Tamil Rehabilitation Organization as a company with Companies House UK. The TRO had supposedly collected over Rs.56m to construct over 600 tsunami houses in the North & East. The TRO has since 1995 sent 3m pounds from UK to the LTTE, tax free under the guise of “rehabilitation”. Incidentally, the staff of TRO are paid through the Tamil Housing Association which means British tax payers were paying for salaries of terrorists! Not paying value added tax means defrauding the British treasury, Her Majesty’s Inland Revenue & Her Majesty’s Customs & Excise – why was action not taken when authorities were aware of these irregularities?


UK MPs & Councillors supporting LTTE

Harrow Councillor Thaya Idaikaddar delivered a homily on 25 July 2006 at Hyde Park honoring the LTTE. While fellow Harrow Councillor Shashikala & Eliza Packiadevi Mann from Southwark had obtained permission for the 2006 Hyde Park rally from the Royal Parks Police. These councilors formed the British Tamil Councillors & Associates.

Mr Idaikaddar is closely associated with DFID Minister Gareth Thomas who usually is an active participant in these events in his electorate.  Robert Evans — another Labour member who is a member of the European Parliament (PSE group) — is another active supporter.

The LTTE has gained control of the Hindu temples which also brings large volumes of money – Sivayogam Hindu temple in Tooting is a good example. This very temple had sent container loads of “tsunami relief in 2004” inside kitchen pots were ball bearings & other items for assembling explosives. This temple also sponsored the construction of a boat yard in Sampoor which was used for LTTE sea tigers.


Therefore, we are not the least bit surprised by UK is heading the Core Group against Sri Lanka inspite of its own House of Lords member Lord Naseby placing the facts before the Government reconfirmed by the UK Defense Attache’s Col.  Gash’s memos to the UK Government during the conflict.

If UK wants to take the side of terrorists, so be it.

When UK hasn’t atoned for its colonial crimes, there is nothing to be surprised of UK’s conduct. Finding itself economically in decline, arming and training terrorists & conflicts around the world for profit, choosing to evict itself from EU and now a lone crusader in Europe clueless to deal with even corona and unable to provide basic human rights to even UK’s elderly, what human rights is UK really championing.

Shenali D Waduge
Source: shenaliwaduge.com

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