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UNHRC: Truth and Reconciliation and the Tamil parties

Why is it that the UNHRC and other international bodies continuously hold an opinion that is contrary to the common accepted truth in this country – by all communities – that there were no significant war crimes or atrocities committed by the Sri Lankan Army/Government? Why is it that they do not seem to be convinced of this matter, despite people of the stature of Lord Naseby addressing the British Parliament in Sri Lanka’s defence?

To me the answer to this is that as far as the UNHRC, international bodies inclusive of the Tamil diaspora are concerned, these allegations have not been refuted by a single Tamil political group that is supposed to represent the Tamils of this country.

In an article I wrote to this paper following the Easter Sunday bomb attacks, ‘What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander’ I raised the question, which I ask again–why are we treating the Tamil politiciansm, who were involved with the LTTE, and are still propagating the LTTE ideology, differently from their Muslim counterparts? All the Muslim politicians have completely disassociated themselves from the agenda of the Muslim terrorists and in fact have gone out of their way to say that any terrorist or anyone who has supported them should be brought to justice. This is a far, far cry from the LTTE and the TNA.

Compared to the TNA, the evidence linking the Muslim politicians to the Islamic terrorist groups, to say the least is minimal. Just type in TNA and LTTE on the Google web site to see the enormous amounts of pictures and documents supporting their alliance. These are not just occasional pictures of a politician having a chat with a terrorist. This is the full Monty: Politicians seated on the same stage, at conferences, with flags of Eelam, maps of Eelam in the background-not a lot of room for any doubt as to what the ‘play’ is.

The TNA was the political wing/mouth piece of the LTTE. They were the political party that had the blessings of the LTTE. Apart from an occasional white wash statement, at no time have they ever remonstrated against the actions of the LTTE. They still harbour the political theory of the LTTE’s for a separate Eelam. All their actions are in support of this separate Eelam claim. Have they ever rejected this?

Now, apart from the TNA, we have parties like the Thamizh Makkal Thesiya Kootani (TMTK) that have protested that the TNA is now not representing the Tamils people’s cause and they are representing it. What all these parties have in common is that they stand for a separate Eelam. This being the case and they still representing the ideology of the LTTE, how rational is it for us to accept that they will speak in our defence at the UNHRC or any interested body?

It was not in the too distant past that Mr. C.V. Wigneswaran, of the TMTK party, swore before his loyalists that he will fight for a separate Eelam before entering Parliament and then swearing the common oath for a sovereign country and that he will not be involved in division of the nation. Mr C. V Wigneswaran being a judge of the Supreme Court is well aware of the importance and implication of an oath and I am sure would not undertake an oath lightly. Hence, when he swears that he will stand by two opposing views, he considers one of these as a joke. I leave it to you to decide which institute he associates with jokers and clowns!

Therefore, as the first step towards truth and reconciliation and being accountable for the UNHRC what the government should do is hold the TNA and other Tamil political groups that have an Eelam as their agenda accountable. Let their actions be brought to justice in the courts of this country as per requirements of the UNHRC. Thereafter may be there will be an opening for a true representation of the Tamil people of this country. And that will be the first true step towards truth and reconciliation and hopefully an end to this UNHRC allegations.

Dr. Sumedha S. Amarasekara
Source: island.lk

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