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The evil pact between “Genocide Canada” & Terrorist LTTE-Tamil Eelam danger to Asia


It is often said that a thief shouts ‘thief’ to divert attention from himself the real rogue so that everyone runs after the wrong person, is this the strategy deployed by both Canada & Tamil Eelam promoters? Case of bad boys calling others ‘bad boys’ to cover their guilt. Looks like it. Canada should be hiding its head in shame as graves of children emerge to prove beyond doubt the crime of genocide committed upon indigenous natives who lived in Canada before the white man arrived. Tamil Eelam promoters have exchanged their tiger suits for tie & coat and crying ‘genocide’ attempting to divert world attention from its crimes. Canada & Tamil Eelam are made for each other. Complimenting these two culprits are a bandwagon of darlings that call themselves ‘human rights activists’ who are pursing millions to speak on behalf of the criminals and producing fancy reports just as cover up. Where are all those genocide campaigners beating their chests against Sri Lanka but not demanding justice from Canada? The biggest noise regarding supposed ‘genocide’ in Sri Lanka comes from Canada by the Eelam lobbyists  – why are we not surprised! Just give them a piece of Canada to declare Tamil Eelam, please!

Enough and more articles and documented horrific crimes by the Government of Canada upon the indigenous natives prevail. The graves now add to the misery of a history Canada wants to forget with simply an ‘apology’. What has Canada’s Truth Commission actually achieved? Isn’t this the outcome of prior international tribunals that the UN championed – none of the real victims have got justice. But, why doesn’t the US, UN or EU go after Canada for these crimes? Why are there no UNHRC resolutions against Canada? Why has the UNSG not appointed any personal commissions to appraise him/her of Canada’s past? If Ban Ki Moon could appoint a personal commission even AFTER Sri Lanka’s conflict was over, why isn’t the present UNSG doing the same on Canada? Is it because the colonial rulers now control the international justice system, the international media syndicate & they sway the opinion.

There is now no denying that the whites that arrived in Canada attempted to exterminate the native Indians of North America. This can be compared to the manner that the LTTE gave 48hours for Sinhalese & Muslims to leave the Northern peninsula in late 1980s. If this is not called ethnic cleansing what is? It is only after chasing away Sinhalese & Muslims who lived in the North even before 1948 that the LTTE & Tamil politicians backing LTTE declared ONLY Tamils lived in the North. What a strategy! The same strategy was applied by Hitler.

We don’t know how many Canada exterminated just as we don’t know how many Sinhalese & Muslims LTTE exterminated! But both Canada & LTTE cry ‘genocide’ accusing others to hide their crimes. What partners in crime. While the west is quick to condemn Hitler, they are all mum on their own crimes!


What Canada did to natives as confirmed even by its Truth Commission is a Crime Against Humanity. What LTTE has done since 1980s have fallen on deaf ears. While LTTE promoters cry ‘genocide’ there is startling silence over the premeditated murders carried out by LTTE over 3 decades upon villagers, children, pregnant mothers, people engaged in worship, unarmed civilians, unarmed politicians and even unarmed armed forces & police personnel. LTTE’s crimes must get the gavel first.

It is probably as a result of Canada’s own genocide guilt that it is promoting ‘genocide’ bogus requests with Ontario passing the ‘Tamil Genocide Education Week’ – a ridiculous decision when Canada should be having a ‘Canada Genocide Education Week nationally’.


Canada is a created country raised to what it is by immigrants who arrived/brought there from all parts of the world. These immigrants also carry tales of colonial woes where their birth nations suffered crimes against humanity by the colonials that ruled them. If so, Canada should be holding genocide education weeks for all of the crimes the British did in all but 22 countries of the world. Canada should have education weeks for the crimes committed by the Spanish, the Portuguese, the French & every colonial country whose crimes come nowhere near those that are flagged in 21stcentury. https://youtu.be/RW37qvWc7TE

We can recall how the West attempted to humiliate Sri Lanka throughout the military-humanitarian rescue operation. They were probably doing their best to liken what they did & trying their best to accuse Sri Lanka of same. However, what Canada did in the concentration camps for the natives that lived for thousands of years in North America can never come anywhere near to the refugee camps that Sri Lanka operated throughout the rescue mission.


What is undoubtedly evident is that both Canada & the LTTE rump in Canada and where all of the LTTE-fronts unashamedly operate is that they do their best to accuse others & try to hide and cover up their crimes. Finger pointing is their game! Human rights & crying ‘genocide’ is their toy. What hypocrisy. No one living in glass houses and afford to throw stones & evade accountability. Canada has no business to be accusing other countries of ‘genocide’ hiding its own crimes.



When LTTE committed premeditated murder – where was Canada crying ‘genocide’ of innocent people?

Have a look at how LTTE entered the sacred city of Anuradhapura to kill people in prayer. This was in 1985 on 14thMay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWNmq_04ZeQ– LTTE killed over 146 persons that day.

What about the over 100 Muslims killed while praying in Kattankudy

LTTE exploded a bomb in Colombo in 1987 killing over 150 people

Over 600 unarmed policemen were slaughtered in June 1990

LTTE attacked the Central Bank killing over 90 innocent persons in 1997.

Most of these attacks were during cease fires or peace negotiations displaying complete disregard for lives or negotiations.

The list of crimes by LTTE upon not only Sinhalese & Muslims but Tamils and even foreigners are all well documented. Why have these crimes not been categorized as ‘genocide’ by those abusing the term genocide?

Canada’s extermination of the indigenous natives is clear because of the dwindling native populace.

The LTTE rump crying genocide in Sri Lanka must explain how Tamil population can increase if there is ‘genocide’ in Sri Lanka! This is mindboggling.

What is obviously clear is that Canada & LTTE rump have something very much in common. They both want to hide their crimes by pointing fingers and to reinforce their lies come up with silly ‘Genocide Bills’ & Education Weeks as cover up. What partners in crime. LTTE rump will say and do anything that the West wants so long as their crimes are kept out of international scope.

We have no grudge in the cohabitation of criminals but we are bothered when the guilty point fingers unfairly and unjustly.

UNSG must appoint a personal commission to appraise him on Canada. This report can be leaked and we hope successive UNHRC Resolutions will emerge similar to those against Sri Lanka.

The syndicate of criminals hiding their crimes by demanding action against other countries must stop. As Canada cries – we want to know where UN, US & EU are alongside the bandwagon of human rights activists.

Source: shenaliwaduge.com

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