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Pro-LTTE whiners trying a ‘Thileepan’ on Brigadier Bothota?

By The Pepper Spray Club

On the 15th of September 1987, an LTTE combatant named Rasaiah Parthipan alias Thileepan began a hunger strike out side the Nallur Kandaswamy Temple. A week later he was dead. Thileepan, the LTTE’s political leader for the Jaffna Peninsula, had been injured in the stomach in May 1987 during the Vadamarachchi Operation which preceded India’s infamous parippu-drop bail out of the LTTE. Thileepan was dying, it is reported, even when he started his huger strike. Maybe he was not, but one wouldn’t put it past a terrorist organization, when finding itself in hot water, to take a bath.

The ‘Thileepan Option,’ if you will, is now being used by pro-LTTE groups abroad. A bunch of outfits that have operated as fronts for the LTTE and probably aided and abetted that organization’s numerous criminal activities or else are blind and stupid about the ways of terrorists, have called for the deportation from the UK of Sri Lanka’s Defence Attaché, Brigadier Dappula Bandara Swarna Bothota.

The long-winded whine of these pro-terrorist outfits is that Bothota is an Army Officer. There’s not a single mention of any act which implicates the man in any crime.

So why are they doing this? It’s the Thileepan Option!

Bothota is about to complete his stint in the UK. He’s already been there for TWO YEARS and never once during this period have these worthies expressed one word of objection to him being in the UK.  

It’s simple. Here’s the sequence: a) Bothota was appointed as Defence Attaché two years ago, b) the pro-terrorist groups in whine-mode now were silent for two years, c) Bothota is about to return to Sri Lan) the whiners want him deported, e) Bothota will leave shortly for Sri Lanka, f) it LOOKS as if UK authorities have listened to the whiners, f) the whiners claim they’ve achieved something!



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