why west wishes Kiwi PM gone


Of all the Anglo-Saxon nations New Zealand is fast becoming a role model on how to accustom to a world that is no longer dominated by them. While other nations of the same background has called on to taker firmer stance against China Jacinta Arden has traversed the tight rope. Its foreign minister Nanaia Mahuta, who said earlier that she “did not want New Zealand’s complex relationship with China to be defined by Five Eyes”. Country knows well China importance in maintaining the living standards in the land. Despite its long history of links to the west deserves the admiration of not getting into a direct conflict a drift western “Peace Think Tanks” happy to overlook warrants a deeper scrutiny of its late foreign policy.  

New Zealand co-sponsored the Security Council resolution in 2015 against Israel which passed without a veto from America (Obama’s tactical consolation).  An unthinkable to a western nation, stunned Israel recalled its ambassador in rage. It has hibernated the ANSUS alliance no longer participates in war games of saber rattling to antagonize China. Does not engage in subversion in other nations using civil society/NGOs as front nor it issues any statements regarding them. Washington bidding to be active participant in Hong Kong meddling and Uyghur Muslim issue has been quietly side stepped. Nor it is a member of core group that persecutes Lanka in Human rights council but goes unnoticed in inept Lankan press. It has not participated in Ukraine proxy war. 

This stance has frustrated Washington who expects a tougher stance on adversaries. the thinking is reflected in many of the media articles that covered economic downturn in New Zealand pointing the finger at the PM hoping to score a regime change exploiting the economic hardship. The opposition (Luxon) on the other the hand has hinted closer alignment with Washington 

 Situation is a stark reminder when Kevin Rudd attempt to balance the relationship “friend (China)  and ally (US)” only to be derailed by leader of the free world and substituted with a belligerent posture in later years. Some fear If same were to happen to kiwi nation.

New Zealand foreign policy today can be seen as distancing from conventional western doctrine of “desire to dominate the world” to a one that is “equal partnership” with growing nations. If sat on the other side would have surely won a noble peace prize!!! 

D. Rajaratnam


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