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India loves Sri Lankan Tamils, ok?

The man has said it. India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, speaking in Chennai (yes, that’s in Tamil Nadu), has said that his government has always taken care of the welfare of Sri Lankan Tamils. He claims also that his government has ‘consistently flagged the issue of their rights with the leaders of Sri Lanka.’

There’s more: ‘India was always committed to ensuring that the Tamils [in Sri Lanka] lived with equity, equality, justice, peace and dignity.’

First. Taking care of the welfare of anyone in Sri Lanka is NOT Mr Modi’s business. He can (as can anyone) flag issues with leaders or citizens, here or elsewhere, just as The Pepper Spray Club can flag issues related to Kashmir or take issue with the statement made by a leader of Modi’s party to the effect that the BJP intends to rule Nepal and India. Let’s leave that aside.

Equality. Equity. Justice. Peace. Dignity. Of Tamils.

That’s what Modi claims India ‘has always been committed to.’

When the government of a country sets up a terrorist operation in another country, when that country arms, funds and trains those terrorists, it is an act of war. Peace does not ensue. Death, dismemberment, destruction and displacement are what’s facilitated. That’s what India facilitated.

Here’s a nutshell version of how the LTTE, India’s creature, endorsed, affirmed and ‘delivered’ the aforementioned goodies:

Political opponents including leaders and cadres of rival armed groups were slaughtered. Children were abducted, forced into military fatigues, trained to kill and set to the frontlines. Essentials sent to civilians were robbed and hoarded. Civilians were forcibly evicted from their homes, corralled and made to move at gunpoint to provide a human shield to retreating combatants.Those who tried to flee were shot.

That’s the equity, equality, justice, peace and dignity that Tamils were served courtesy Indian largesse.

But that’s in the past, right?

India loves Tamils. Modi loves Tamils. But Modi cares not and India cares not of Tamil fishermen and their livelihoods. Why not?

Let’s take a sip from that heady cocktail made of equity, equality, justice, peace and dignity, while we reflect on this, shall we? 

Source: gammiris.lk

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