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Wigneswaran, a threat to peace and reconciliation

when Wigneswaran talks of his greatness because he speaks the Tamil language he is fooling himself and not impressing the world. Everyone knows that he is trying to shine in borrowed feathers.

Government and MCC: Give us clarity!

Udaya Gammanpila claimed that 70% of the draft agreement was good and 30% bad. It’s easy to pluck numbers out of thin air. He hasn’t detailed the good and neither the bad. He ought to.

People witnessed turmoil under 19A – Dr Jayatissa De Costa

The country degenerated economically, politically and socially. So-called narcotics, underworld operations, organised crime were on the rise.

Stubborn myths about Sri Lanka, China and the BRI

Professor Sumanasiri Liyanage’s analysis of China and the Belt and Road Initiative does little more than fall in line with propaganda churned out by the likes of The New York Times and Mike Pompeo.

The dual-citizenship ‘thorn’

This country has been and is still being run by people holding single-citizenship — IN OTHER COUNTRIES.

Defeating unseen foreign forces, our key objective – Yuthukama Chief

“The 19th amendment was also flawed due to the ad-hoc amendments brought in during the third reading of the committee-stage debate. We don’t want the same predicament to befall the 20th amendment,”

20th Amendment: ‘Yahapalanists’ are subverting objection

As such, the 20th is an improvement, simply because every single member is answerable to the voter They can elect them and they can throw them out of power using the ballot Regime-loyalists were routinely penciled in when ‘independent’ commissioners were appointed

An attempt to rediscover historical demarcation of provincial boundaries

Inclusion of Prof. G.H. Peiris in constitution making committee Prof. G.H. Peiris challenges ...

Wigneswaran’s tribalist shenanigans

By ROHANA R. WASALA The feature article: ‘False historical perspectives of Wigneswaran’ jointly written by Rienzie and Kusum Wijetilleke...

Draft 20A: The Urgent and not so Urgent

The draft of the 20th Amendment has now been Gazetted. Formulating a completely new constitution instead of making interim amendments to the existing one, is undoubtedly what most prefer.

What is the Left’s defense of the 19th Amendment?

The Left has always been in the business of institution building. But the difference between the Old Left and New Left’s approach to “independence” and “depoliticization” is stark.

Way forward with Sri Lankan-American Moragoda in India

The President could have Moragoda engage in Cabinet meetings periodically so Sri Lanka’s top legislators know how the nation’s point man in India is putting Sri Lankan interest first.

Over 60 obligations & responsibilities GoSL has to comply to obtain $480m MCC Funding

The MCC agreements binds Sri Lanka to make legislative changes before, during & after signing of its Compact. For a paltry $480m...

Ms Bachelet’s troubles

It’s a case of keeping quiet when ‘our guys err’ and screaming and whining when it’s ‘those other guys in power’ whether or not they err.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being the Son of Mervyn

Oh, once-Comrade Dayan. Even a bodhiliya arrays less spectra than you. Even better, here is a chameleon who makes the entire environment appear to change color, which yet remains the same shades of a lustrous green one minute, and a superficial veneer of red the next.

US sanctions China – Sri Lanka & MCC

The arm-twisting now taking place is pretty obvious. The sanctions on Chinese companies working in Sri Lanka also gives a clear message. It should also showcase the dangers of what Sri Lanka can expect, handing over all of Sri Lanka’s basket of eggs to US. China can well maneuver itself inspite of sanctions. Will Sri Lanka be able to do same if MCC signed and US decides to further throttle Sri Lanka with sanctions if Sri Lanka does not follow US orders!


Dissecting malicious prosecutions against the Rajapaksa regime,and others

Pro-LTTE whiners trying a ‘Thileepan’ on Brigadier Bothota?

The long-winded whine of these pro-terrorist outfits is that Bothota is an Army Officer. There’s not a single mention of any act which implicates the man in any crime.

The hydra against the behemoth

In the ninth parliament of Sri Lanka, the Opposition has become a many-headed hydra fighting a formidable behemoth.

Mapping end of history in Northern theatre

It’s the end of history for Tamil politics, they say — or the Tamil politics as we knew existed. Mapping out the...

Eelam War IV and Issue of Collateral Damage & Civilian Deaths in International Law: Laduwahetty summarizes Desmond De Silva’s ‘Treatise’

Neville Laduwahetty In The Island, 19 April 2015, where the title is War crimes: A comment on what experts say” … with...

Come talk to us (too) Mister McKinnon

Canada, like the USA, is a child of divide-n-rule Britain and indeed is still loath to have the umbilical cord severed

Michelle Bachelet’s comments ‘pre-judgmental and based on presumption’ – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has taken issue over statements made by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet at the 45th Session of...

Ludicrous Verdicts in Powerful Quarters Still Asserted TODAY: Death Toll in Eelam War IV Magnified Manifold

Michael Roberts, Courtesy of Colombo Telegraph, 2 December 2019,  where the title is “Excess! Tamil Death Toll Magnified In The Course Of British Interventions In The...

Those who rail against the 20th Amendment, should realise they invited it

This is being written even as there are aggrieved noises being made by those who profess great love for liberal democratic ideals....

Must Read

Sri Lanka to Britain – You are no longer the British Empire. Atone for your Colonial Crimes before holding HR score cards!

UK that occupied & ruled Sri Lanka from 1803 to 1972 (169 years) and unabashedly committed scores of human rights abuses, crimes...

Donald Trump – undertaker for 250,000 deaths

Donald Trump continues to keep America and the world guessing as to his next move which should be to concede victory to...

Over a decade after the war ended: The threat persists

The Tamil community never explained why the predominately Tamil-speaking Northern and Eastern districts voted overwhelmingly for war-winning Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka...

Why it’s best to ignore the doomsayers

A recent jeremiad about having to tighten our belts in part prompts this article about next year, and the more than sanguine...