Monday, October 26, 2020


COVID19 and Terrorism: the parallels

When the guard was dropped, terrorists struck. Same with a virus like COVID19.

‘We wouldn’t have spent 30 years of our lives fighting a war if we had right leaders and intellectuals’

‘Then the war would never have even started’ – Ex Army Commander Gen. Daya Ratnayake Former Army Commander and...

Europe Marks Distance from Indo-Pacific Strategy

In the European estimation, it is simply impractical to try to isolate China and, importantly, China’s rise on the global stage is...

Mahinda Rajapaksa’s appropriate counter to Modi’s Thirteenth Amendment

Managing Indo-Sri Lanka relations is prioritised as the most important item in the agenda of the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry. In fact, the President and the Prime Minister have stretched every nerve since they came into power to go beyond the official diplomatic interactions to maintain a personal rapport of the best kind with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

திலீபன் ஒரு பயங்கரவாதியா இல்லையா சுமந்திரன் ஐயா அவர்களே?

1. LTTE ஒரு பயங்கரவாத அமைப்பா இல்லையா? ராசய்யா பார்த்திபன் அதாவது திலீபன் ஓர் LTTE போராளியா இல்லையா? ஆம் எனில், அவர் ஒரு பயங்கரவாதி இல்லையா?

Hath Hell No Fury Worse than Dayan Denied a Posting?

What psychopathology does opportunism precipitate to have supported the one post-Independence leader who curated the worst horror the country has seen, and can then call other leaders names like ‘right-wing’ and ‘dictator”? sr

FORBES stop playing politics manipulating covid-19 statistics against Sri Lanka

We are a little perturbed about the statistical survey results produced by Forbes in June & September against a Chinese think tank report on covid-19. While Forbes has placed Sri Lanka in 82nd place in June and 95th place in September, the Chinese think tank gives 2nd place to Sri Lanka.

Moody’s rating action raises many eyebrows

Top asset manager says it could be an over-reaction or motivated by geo-politics “We are shocked by the timing of the rating downgrade”- Ceylon...

International Children’s Day: and the LTTE loved children to death!

By Rudrakumaran ParthipanThose who champion the need for accountability blush when it comes to LTTE and the question of Tamil children abducted...

Threat to World Peace: What if Terrorist Leaders set up ‘Virtual Governments’ like Rudrakumaran/TGTE?

The UN & foreign governments facing some form of terrorist threat should be worried about a new trend taking place with terrorist fronts...

RIP Rasaiah Parthipan alias Thileepan (of the LTTE)

His choices, his fast, his death and its commemoration are all POLITICAL. And those who choose that label cannot complain if the response is also political.

Victim and witness protection overkill

What comes into the mind of the ordinary person on the street when he or she hears the term ‘witness protection’ or ‘victim protection’ would be the need to ensure that victims of crime or witnesses are given the protection they need.

Terrorists and ‘babies’

What would have happened if Prabhakaran had been alive, or the LTTE rump had made a serious effort to regroup and make a comeback between Jan. 2015 and Nov. 2019?

Patriotism, hypocrisy and croc tears

The SJB has its work cut out to win public trust, given the presence of many undesirables such as the associates of bond scammers within its ranks. But there is one way it could turn the tables on the government.

Does India have a ‘Sri Lanka FIrst Security Policy’?

As far as ‘security’ goes, India hasn’t been a friend. Pakistan most certainly was a friend when things got rough. Not India.

Playing politics with disappearances

Those who had been killed in combat though their bodies were not recovered and those who fled Sri Lanka for various reasons and are leading comfortable lives overseas while Sri Lanka is under pressure to account for the dead and the missing. The vast majority are those who had secured political asylum, on bogus grounds, taking advantage of hostility of some countries towards Sri Lanka.

What’s behind a legal-eagle’s lament against 20 A?

But where does consensus come from? Is it from Parliament, or from the ‘professionals’ she goes on about, or from the people? Vox populi should be the measure of consensus especially under a constitutional regime that vests sovereignty in the people.

Desperately attention seeking Pro-LTTE TNA & CO attempting to disturb peace with hartals

Its 2020. How many shop owners in North or East of Sri Lanka are bothered today about Thileepan of LTTE fasting to death & want to close down their shops from 27thSeptember to 10thOctober. Is 2 weeks of closing their shops going to bring Thileepan back to life?

The intellectuals have failed

The NGOs, the think-tanks, and the columnists, particularly in the English language media, have let the Opposition go scot-free. This can only be lamented.

ICJ is latest victim of US sanctions circus

‘The American Way of life is simply not sustainable because it doesn’t acknowledge the fact that there is a world beyond America.’

Closer scrutiny of criticisms against 20A

Over the past several days, we have been hearing various criticisms of the 20A by members of the opposition as well as from pro-government quarters.

Yasmin Sooka slips (again!)

When one trusts the untrustworthy, one purchases falsehoods. Ego kicks in. One lie has to be covered and it takes more than one lie to do so.

Sri Lankans should condemn unilateral sanctions

Sri Lankans should wholeheartedly condemn unilateral sanctions imposed on the few countries that not only dare to follow their own path of development, but assist Sri Lanka in doing the same.

20th Amendment a recipe for a bloated cabinet

There’s good and bad in the proposed amendment. This one is bad.

UNHRC: To be or not to be?

If investigations are on and we have not heard of them... A sad and shoddy record for the world body set up in the aftermath of World War II, to ensure such ‘incidents’ never take place again.

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