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Can’t the CID question Fr. Siril?

There is much ado about nothing & much fanfare too – but any publicity is good publicity it appears for Fr. Siril as undeniably he is the creator of his own malady. If he thought he could blurt out statements & get away with t, he was wrong. Perhaps he or his zoom team did not contemplate a complaint & challenge to prove allegations. This was where Fr. Siril landed in a soup so to say.

Fr. Siril was not questioned for ‘no valid reason’. Fr. Siril made a statement & he was challenged to show cause how he came about that statement. He cannot get away declaring a person is mastermind of a terror attack & not be questioned about it. If he could make such an allegation even going so far as to name names then he has to be prepared to be questioned on how he came to that conclusion. Organizing females to protest on the streets & in the rain is a silly way to evade answering.

Interestingly enough, Fr. Siril appears to be knowing far more than the head of the suicide mission Zahran Hasim! What his videos depict & what Fr. Siril concludes appear to be poles apart. With over 350 intel reports on the suicide team & calling for state action against them, it is curious why Fr. Siril wishes to divert attention elsewhere. Why would state intelligence agencies produce reports & ask higher-ups to take action if they were partnering with Zahran to commit suicide?

If Fr. Siril can make such brush stroke statements on zoom – why can’t he elaborate same to the CID? Who should decide how many times CID questions him & the duration, is it the CID or some scribes & foreign envoys? Does the CID have to get their permission to question Fr. Siril! The modus operandi has now shifted to attacking the CID now. Initially it was the State Intel Agency and now it’s the CID – where in the world does it say the law enforcement authorities cannot question Church heads? Quite a lot of people are suddenly coming to the defense of Fr. Siril – is there some competition on who can successfully generate the biggest protests in favor of Fr. Siril denouncing authorities for questioning him? Some of these defenders are even equating the questioning to inquisition – oh these people do not know what Church inquisitions were like back in those days & Fr. Siril or his Church are unlikely to want to put out those gory details.

What appears from the behavor of Fr. Siril & his team of defenders & protestors is that having blurted & blundered they are in a frenzy for damage control which has got somewhat confounded by the challenges thrown at Fr. Siril. If he can say it – he should prove it. All of the scribes in particular some with ‘doctorates’ coming to his defense are only making matters worse for Fr. Siril by joining the bandwagon to defame the SIS Head Maj. Gen. Suresh Salley – we are all wondering what all this hullabaloo is all about when the official in question was not in the country when the Easter Attacks took place and took over the position only after November 2019.

The general public wish to know why Fr. Siril and his team are suddenly attacking people by name without proof & refusing to present proof & instead trying to win sympathy by organizing street placard protests using women in the rain.

Fr. Siril made an allegation that he knew the ‘mahamolakaru” – if he could make that statement naming names, he jolly well must present the evidence & cannot send foot soldiers & keyboard heroes to his defense by attacking the very people the Fr. is accusing of playing a role in a mass murder.

Are these ambiguous outbursts intentional & obscure to divert the attention?

We are all wondering if the accomplices to this heinous crime are out to prevent real justice taking place are these all choreographed dramas which are getting disrupted by investigators & investigations?

Proverbs 25:1: “Telling lies about others is as harmful as hitting them with an ax, wounding them with a sword, or shooting them with a sharp arrow.”

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