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Attacking frontline fighters against COVID-19

One specific media outlet went to town with one specific contemporary fabricated story last week. The entire story was about a specific doctor. But the background story of this single fabricated media report is very interesting.

Last week one specific print media reported a fabricated story and the television channel belonging to the same media outlet gave a wide publicity to their own fabricated news item on a specific doctor. According to this fabricated news story, this doctor purposely avoided starting the quarantine process after becoming one of the first contacts of a COVID-19 infected doctor by hiding and avoiding PHIs. The most surprising news is this same doctor started the quarantine process the following morning. It seems he had hidden for five or six hours.

A person with an iota of brain will not believe that a Consultant who has been fighting against COVID-19 since March last year in the front line with children in his care at a leading state hospital will hide for a few hours in order to avoid a quarantine process or in fear of COVID-19. It is a type of comedy if that takes place in the real world. All Sri Lankan people are brainy enough not to believe such fabricated fairy tales.

Sri Lankan doctors and health staff risk their own lives and the lives of their loved ones in order to save people from COVID-19 while doctors and health staff of other countries vacate their posts and hide in order to save their own lives. Therefore no Sri Lankan doctor hid in fear of COVID-19 or the quarantine process. It is the same with their families and loved ones. All Sri Lankan people saw this with their own eyes and no media needed to report anything about that.

Crusade against GMOA

Then what stands behind one specific media institution launching a crusade against one specific doctor who is the President of the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA)? The GMOA President is subjected to this ‘one specific media attack’ due to several reasons. It is very important to check what these reasons are because it matters to the future of Sri Lanka and our society a lot.

It is very interesting to check who is behind this attack. The individual who is behind fabricating all types of ‘news’ in order to attack the GMOA and especially its President is not someone new for this task. It is the very same individual who did the same for five long years from 2015 to 2019 inside a small room located in the Health Ministry. During the past five years this same task was done from a room located at the Health Ministry under the leadership of the Yahapalana regime and fully sponsored by Yahapalana Government.

When the previous Yahapalana regime was about to collapse in late 2019, this specific individual was anchored at this specific (then patriotic) media institution by Yahapalana crooks in order to continue their ‘projects’ and ‘programmes’ in order to recapture power of the Government in future. Therefore this specific individual commenced the second part of the crusade in this specific media institution under the patriotic banner with the blessings of Yahapalanites. Since this individual had all required readymade “mud”, the second phase of his crusade is now very easy. Only a very few knew where this individual was and what this person was doing before commencing the latest mudslinging campaign from this latest media institution. Some so called doctors’ unions established by the previous Yahapalana crooks are supporting this individual in order to sling mud on all patriotic forces.

The GMOA led by its President is not only involved in COVID-19 control in Sri Lanka. Although it is one of the oldest trade unions commenced in 1926 which is 95-years-old by now, it is involved in protecting the country and people from many health hazards. The membership of the GMOA exceeds 20,000 and it is involved in almost all National issues in the country. This is not something new and the previous Yahapalana regime could not stop the GMOA membership led by its President from fighting against all types of anti-Sri Lankan activities and stopping them.

By now some people of Sri Lanka have forgotten various types of crusades which were very successfully won by the GMOA with the support of the people of Sri Lanka. It is the right time to remind the country about some of them. It was the GMOA which was able to bring all types of political forces onto one stage against fraudulent company SAITM and abolished it through an Act passed in the Parliament during Yahapalana regime.

The GMOA protected all lives of Sri Lankan people which was about to land on the hands of butchers instead of qualified surgeons. They stopped rich uneducated, unqualified and talentless brats becoming MBBS doctors in Sri Lanka and putting the lives of people in danger.

Then the GMOA very successfully educated the Sri Lankan people against harmful Foreign Trade Agreements and built up a force in order to protect Sri Lankan from evil elements. Hunting GMOA officials and leadership did not stop any of the patriotic crusades implemented by the GMOA during the past years.

But none of those hit this specific media institution. What hit this specific media institution and may be all the other media institutions in the country is the crusade of the GMOA against infant milk powder formulas, alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. Any idiot can understand the harm caused to the human body by alcohol, drugs and cigarettes but not from infant milk powder formulas.

It was the GMOA which launched the islandwide campaign against all infant milk powder formulas. They launched it from the National Hospital in Sri Lanka (NHSL) few years ago. According to the WHO, all infants should be fed ONLY with breast milk for six months in order to create a healthy adult.

According to Consultants, artificial feeding (powdered milk / Infant Formula) may interfere with bonding. The mother and the baby may not develop such a close, loving relationship. The baby may not develop so well mentally and score lower on intelligence (IQ) tests. An artificially fed baby is more likely to become ill with diarrhea, respiratory diseases and other infections. The diarrhea may become persistent. The baby is more likely to develop allergic conditions such as Eczema and possibly Asthma. The baby may become intolerant of animal milk so that the milk causes diarrhea, rashes and other symptoms. The risk of some chronic diseases in the child such as diabetes is increased.

Formula milk is not a sterile product and harmful pathogens have been identified in sealed containers. Unhygienic preparation and unsupervised feeding leads to harmful consequences. The baby may get too little milk and become malnourished because of too few feeds or diluted feeds. The baby is more likely to suffer from Vitamin A deficiency. If he or she gets too much artificial milk, a baby may become obese, they say.

A mother who does not breastfeed may become pregnant sooner. She is more likely to become anemic after child birth and later to develop cancer of the ovary and breasts.

The tasks done by the GMOA against promoting alcohol and smoking is countless and they presented several proposals to all the previous Governments in order to protect Sri Lankan people from alcohol and smoking which play the main role when it comes to developing Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes, cancer, liver diseases, kidney diseases, heart diseases, hypertension etc. They took the responsibility of creating a healthy Sri Lankan future generation despite all threats posed at them by many.

The other crucial factor behind all the attacks received by the GMOA President is the islandwide propaganda he carries out in order to promote local food, especially green leaves, fruits, vegetables and all the other natural food and beverages with high nutrition and antioxidants freely available in Sri Lanka. A lot of private companies involved in importing and producing artificial food and beverages get affected when Sri Lankan people realize that they feed them with poisonous stuff and start to avoid them.

Rich media giants

What matters for our precious motherland is not the huge profits made by certain private media institutions. What matters for us is protecting our natural resources, all the other resources and the health of the people and our future generation. Rich media giants will earn money and leave the country with their families but innocent poor Sri Lankans need the resources of the country and their health in order to survive.

Fortunately the Sri Lankan people are brainy enough to notice and understand what stands behind certain very strange anti-Sri Lankan behaviour of certain individuals and institutions by now. The big question is who and what is behind them.

Nadira Gunatilleke

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