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It has come to a level that even the dead are manipulated for political gain. The blame is now subtly being shifted with a twist for political purposes. These antics are not in any way helping the dead rest in peace. Sri Lanka has witnessed many deaths throughout its post-independence history. Thousands of innocent lives were eliminated for no reason. Majority of these crimes had invisible hands and we are yet to pinpoint the “mahamolakaru” of these killings. Anyone can make wild allegations but the present Easter Sunday inquiry has finalized cases against the arrested – in such a scenario, why present contradictory claims without proof or evidence? Is this not preventing closure for the dead & their families?

It was a shock to the people but it wasn’t a shock to many others in the Ranil-Maithripala Government who received over 90 warnings from Indian intel services. Even an opposition MP was told by his father not to attend Sunday mass.

Easter Bombings: Who knew, but turned a blind eye?

With everyone now peddling conspiracy stories, it also behoves to wonder if the Catholic Church also knew of an impending doom.

The then Foreign Secretary declared they knew something would happen but thought it would be something small. Did all in the know also come to this conclusion. If so, it is imperative to question who else was in the “know” apart from those who admitted it.

Immediate arrests and identifications as well as camera footage clearly revealed the suicide bombers as Islamic & it later came to be revealed that they had been indoctrinated and had been practicing their aim from remote areas of Kattankudy. The discovery and recovery of arms and ammunition was a sign that something was being planned as well as the vandalism to Buddhist statues to create a narrative. Actions begets reactions. It is media savvy to go behind the reactions and ignore the actions that led to the reactions.

The 1983 July debacle is an excellent example to highlight how a UNP government led attack ultimately ended up blaming the Sinhalese for no reason. Was it a coincidence that the same UNP government was in power in 2019 – 36 years later.

Just like the blame was pinned on the Sinhalese, there is a sinister plan to do the same though Sinhalese Buddhists had nothing whatsoever to do with Easter Sunday mass massacre. The international media reports issued immediately after the Easter Sunday was promoting this notion as well but had to change on account of the identities of the suicide bombers, the swords found in mosques, the arrests of many Muslims linked to the murders. However, the father of the 2 suicide bombers was a member of the JVP and was contesting elections under JVP.

The Cardinal is only too aware of the angst between Catholics & Muslims.

The Holy Wars fought between them for centuries is evidence. Who was the “mahamolakaru” for these wars? It was the religious texts. Nothing can erase this fact. Fast forward to present context, no amount of excuses demanding “mahamolakaru” can erase the essence of the texts that enables people to be brainwashed to kill in the name of their faith. Committing suicide in the name of their religion is held as a supreme sacrifice. Unless these references are removed, there will be more ‘molakaru’ indoctrinating people to kill.

While that is the main aspect for drawing people to carry out this horrendous crime, the other aspect equally blameworthy, is the negligence of the intel sent in advance that a crime was to take place, naming venues & even the suicide team. It is baffling why the Cardinal is not going after these instead of using adopting to steer the crime to provide a political twist. What is being subtly conveyed is that the crime took place for the current government to come to power. Let us not be naïve, that by April 2019, the sham of yahapalana was well exposed and people had had enough of them & were looking for an election to oust them. Whether Easter Sunday took place or not, yahapalana shelf life was over in the minds of the People. This was why the former PM could not even get 10,000 votes & his party won only a bonus seat to Parliament. This result was not due to Easter Sunday but because of the disappointment of the people who were watching them since 2015. Similarly, the people have been watching the present government since 2019/2020 and their displeasure is also made clear and next election, the people will show their displeasure.

Therefore, the Cardinal should not use the dead unless he has proof. If he has proof, he must take it to the police & file complaint. The Church should be happy that in less than 3 years justice has been served.

Assets & properties worth Rs.533million belonging to the suicide bombers confiscated
Naufer Ibrahim who had been propagating ISIS fundamentalism regarded as the mastermind behind the attacks to be charged by the US & Sri Lanka to be charging him as well.

Maybe the Cardinal can also provide who the “mahamolakaru” was for all the colonial crimes committed over 500 years including Sri Lanka. The churches are built on Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka – therefore they cannot take the moral high ground without accepting accountability or giving apology.

Who was the “mahamolakaru” for all the sexually abused children in the Church considered an institutional global crime.

Who was the “mahamolakaru” during the Inquisitions where millions were killed.

Who was the “mahamolakaru” behind the Crusades?

Who is the “mahamolakaru” behind religious conversions & indoctrinating to cults

As for justice, the Church must be happy that within 3 years they have a list of people to be held accountable for the heinous crime that took place on Easter Sunday.

We want to know the invisible sets of people who helped the LTTE, promoted them, led protests in support of them, ran orphanages for them and even carried arms for them. Why are everyone silent when it comes to these demands?

But the “molakaru & their sponsors” & attackers of the Kent & Dollar Farm killings have yet to be named.

The “molakaru & their sponsors” & attackers of the Sri Maha Bodi attacks in 1987 have yet to be named.

The “molakaru & their sponsors” & attackers of the Kattankudy mosque massacre in 1990 have yet to be named.

The “molakaru & their sponsors” & attackers of 30 years of LTTE have yet to be named. It is true Prabakaran & the ground force was militarily defeated but all of the invisible people who helped LTTE are still at large & they have yet to be named & shamed.

Similarly, why did the “molakaru” kill Prem Kumar in Pakistan in December 2021?

Who was the ‘molakaru” that inspired Samsudeen to stab shoppers in New Zealand?

The new line being peddled is that 8 suicide bombers killed 270 people to bring the present government to power. So why didn’t these people emerge to prevent regime change in 2015, wasn’t it the same government? Where were these suicide bombers during LTTE – why didn’t they come forward then to help the current government?

These wild notions without proof is only harming the dead & is unfair by them & it is like how the usual culprits enjoys plucking out the dead every time they want to make a political statement.

Curses are of little use – karma will come to the real culprits including those that pretend to be without sin. As they say, those who have not sinned, throw the first stone.

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