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13th Amendment goes beyond the Indian Constitution.

Sugath Kulatunga

India is using the carrot and the stick formula to insist on the pound of flesh of the 13th Amendment to the Sri Lanka Constitution. Big brother turned good samaritan has again raised their persistent demand for the full Implementation of the 13th Amendment. It is noted that India does not now invoke the infamous Accord as they realize that it is now a dead letter.

13th Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka was forced on the political leadership of the country as a consequence of the Indo- Sri Lanka Accord of 1987. The bonafides of the Indian Government in the naked intervention in the domestic politics of Sri Lanka have been widely questioned. A solution to the issue of power sharing in Sri Lanka was not the primary objective of the Indian intervention. The Accord was a covert intrusion to impose outrageous conditions on Sri Lanka, which was done through the Exchange of Letters” to coerce a small country to submit to the strategic objectives of India. It was an unwarranted intervention aimed at imposing Indian hegemony in South Asia. Most of the conditions, which were to prevent US influence in Sri Lanka, have no relevance today. India is now a most favored nation of USA and a conniving member of the QUAD. The Accord itself became a dead letter when India failed to make the LTTE accept it. Most importantly, it was also not an agreement between the Tamil community and the Government of Sri Lanka.

Please see full text at- https://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2023/01/26/13th-amendment-goes-beyond-the-indian-constitution/

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